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Based on the power of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, simulations, and mathematical optimization techniques ACT Operations Research offers robust and innovative solutions to cut costs, improve productivity and service levels, predict trends and behaviors, improve safety, support the care of patients, reduce risks and manage crises.
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Franz Edelman Award

ACT Operations Research was awarded as finalists
at the most prestigious Franz Edelman award by Informs
(the leading organization promoting Decision Science and Operations Research).


Research Projects

ACT Operations Research is involved in numerous research projects.
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ACT OR Expertise

Operations Research (OR) is the science dealing with the application of advanced analytics to support decisions and generally the governance of processes and systems.

It permits an analyst to find the optimal solution for a wide range of problems. For example to calculate the optimal routing of vehicles, to estimate the optimal planning of resources, to define the optimal quantity for the inventory, to calculate the optimal sales prices of products etc.


A discrete-event-simulation (DES) is used to represent and study the evolution of a system as a discrete sequence of events. 

In these type of models, the state of the system changes at specific instants over time. The significant advantage provided by this type of simulation is the capability to capture the operation and the behavior of complex systems. Typically DES is used to analyze a supply chain, factories, distribution centers, warehouses, hospitals, etc. It is the best tool to support process re-engineering. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is usually defined as the application of "intelligent agents", able to perceive the environment (e.g., object identification in the space where a robot is moving or the competitive context and consumer preferences in a market analysis framework) and take actions to maximize chance of success at some goal (e.g., autonomously avoiding collision in an Autonomous Vehicle or correctly estimate the impact of a price range).

These abilities are mostly linked to Machine Learning (ML) through which such agents learn from their “experience” and external inputs.


Forecasting is the process of making predictions of the future based on past and present, historical data and most commonly by analysis of trends.

It is a systematic attempt to understand the future performance of a business or the behavior of a system. The understanding of the influencing variables, is an important component to improve the quality of the forecast.


ACT Operations Research is since 1996 a reliable partner for Control and Automation Projects.

Our Process&Control division is qualified in the design of plant control, automation and protection, in simulation and dynamic control of industrial processes in different fields like ENERGYPETROCHEMICAL and OIL&GASWe are constantly up-to-date with industrial technologies’ state of the art, as well as international standards and normatives evolution.


Whatever you need to design, make a strategic decision, or daily manage operations
Bloomy Decision Science Platform enables the quantitative approach.
Bloomy Decisions is our decision science platform.

Bloomy Decision Platform on several Device by ACT OR

Enter in Bloomy Decision:
the multi-analytical comprehensive decision science platform by
ACT Operations Research

On Bloomy Decision we're able to connect data and people, enabling predictive and quantitative decisions.
It is in this spirit that ACT Operations Research collaborates with major global and local companies.
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ACT OR offices are in Milano, Roma and Salerno.

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