OPT Slotting

Keywords: Warehouse Optimization – Warehouse Simulation – Slotting - Picking Productivity – Inventory Optimization – Warehouse Analytics – Warehouse Management System – WMS – Warehouse Execution Systems – WES – Omni Channel Fulfillment

Short Intro

OPT Slotting is a math-optimizer software tool that improves operations within warehouses and distribution centers by finding an optimal position of the items at the picking position. Positioning many items, while still respecting the business constraints like, e maximizing a goal, such as productivity, is not easy. OPT Slotting provides support to warehouse managers and permits them to add “smart logic” to existing WMS (warehouse management systems).

Depending on the case, slotting can be reviewed with a higher or lower frequency. In some cases is useful to use it in real-time. In this last case, OPT Slotting can easily be interfaced with the existing WMS to permit users to constantly maintain the slotting optimized, thus cutting any additional effort and cost related to the slotting maintenance.

OPT Slotting can be used as off-line tool or on-line, interfaced to the WMS.

OPT Slotting has comprehensive  flexibility that permits the user to define their preferences in term of business rules and constraints to follow.  A wide predefined library of rules covers several common needs but it is also possible to configure custom rules if desired by a client.

OPT Slotting can also be used to manage dynamic fast picking areas, and automated-vertical-storages.

Typical Customers and Users

Our typical customers are retailers, food/beverage, wholesalers, logistics operators or manufacturers having an important warehouse or distribution centers containing several products that need to be picked by an order picking or batch-picking process.


Measured benefits of our customers include: increasing of picking productivity, reduction of picking errors, improvement of the service level (e.g. to stores) due to an improvement of the handling units (e.g. pallets) generated, reduction of the volume of the handling units generated with a consequent reduction of the transportation costs.

Main Features

  • Wide range of business rules that the optimizer can combine
  • Wide set of configurable constraints like, compatibility of the products with specific characteristics of the storage areas and shelves;
  • Specific function to reduce the picking errors;
  • Fits need of big warehouses with tens of thousands items
  • “What-if” and “Simulation” mode
  • On-Line and Real time mode with easy integration with existing WMS;
  • Fast computation

Connection with others ACT OR product

OPT Slotting can be combined with:

  1. OPT Picking, a tool permitting to generate optimal picking list;
  2. Warehouse simulators (Arena and SIMIO);
  3. OPT Loading for the optimization of the handling unites
  4. Speedy Batch for the optimization of batches in case of bath-picking and sorting (also when automation is involved)

Technology remarks

The product was designed to maximize available computational performance, thus  reducing hardware costs when the complexity and large quantities of data are required.

It can be used as SaaS or hosted installed on the customer hardware and easily integrated with existing warehouse management systems (WMS)

If you are a software vendor you can embed OPT Slotting as engine in your solutions to become an ACTOR business partner.

With partners in Europe, USA and South America, ACTOR offers a dedicated service at the worldwide level.