OPT Runner

Keywords: Transport - Transportation Planning – Fleet Scheduling – Vehicles Routing – Optimization – Transport simulation – Transport Management Systems (TMS) Distribution

Short Intro

OPT Runner is a complete and comprehensive Transport Management System, an optimization technology   for users to improve service levels and reduce transportation costs by advanced analytical techniques.

The core of OPT Runner is a math-optimization engine for the transport planning, fleet scheduling and vehicle routing. OPT Runner is empowered by a usage model, based on a web collaboration platform, permitting clients to easily satisfy the complexities of  logistics.

OPT Runner can be used in multiple ways:

  • For clients who do not have a TMS, OPT Runner works as a TMS characterized by a powerful fleet scheduling and vehicle routing, which can be an indispensable tool for the Transport Planning department;
  • To add advanced analytics to users who already have a TMS (which are typically transactional based only with no math-optimization included), for the daily  fleet management. As a “what-if” simulator of a transportation network, permitting customers to analyze costs, dimension fleets, support budgeting and the design of the transportation network;
  • As a vertical system for vehicles scheduling and routing empowering existing IT systems or classical TMS. Is also available for IT integrators as engine to be embedded in their solutions.

For customers needing to distribute goods, OPT Runner can be configured to match their desires, considering the different types of supply chain and transportation processes, like for example:

  • Distribution from a single warehouse
  • Distribution from a warehouse linked to one or more transit points
  • Distribution with a primary and secondary network
  • Last mile & door-to-door distribution for postal, express
  • Distribution of e-commerce orders from various stock locations OPT Runner can also be used to schedule agents, patrols and any type of activity and workforce moving on a territory like the example maintenances.

Typical Customers and Users

Any Retailer from food to fashion;

Logistics Operators


Oil & Gas

Public Services (e.g. waste collection, school or publicbuses route etc)

Companies and organization having the need to schedule activities on a territory with a mobile workforce (sales, delivery or telecom support, e.g.);


With OPT Runner our customers has significantly reduced the transportation costs and increased the service level guaranteeing to respect of all the business operational constraints. The ROI of OPT Runners is often between 2 and 4 months.

Some of the customers, using OPT Runner in simulation-mode have been able to re-design their transportation processes, optimize the fleet composition and perform costs analysis.  Moreover thanks to the innovative approach and usability of the web platform, some of our customers are using OPT Runner as collaboration system managing the interactions with customers, supplier, stores etc..

Main Features

  • Fleet scheduling optimization: OPT Runner defines for each vehicle, the list of tasks to be performed in order to minimize an objective function (see later) and respecting all the operational constraints
  • Vehicle Routing: for each vehicle OPT Runner defines the optimal route considering the information of the MAP. Routing can also consider information on the expected traffic.
  • Transport Planning: in the cases the transport orders can be worked within time-windows of multiple days, OPT Runner identifies the optimal day.
  • Web User Interface: the user interface is based on a powerful and flexible collaboration platform. The user interface permits to manage all the data, the optimization scenarios but also to configure any type of collaboration features, like e-mail notification, sms, text alerts, etc.
  • Single and multi-warehouse network management. The system is able to manage cases where the logistic network includes only one warehouse as well as the case where the network includes multi-warehouses;
  • Specific functions to manage the door-to-door distribution related to postal, express and web-business;
  • Specific functions to manage transportation by multi-tank vehicles (eg fuel, food, frozen, etc)
  • Management of transit points;
  • Loading optimization;
  • Trailers optimization;
  • Management of operational constraints:
    • time-windows to be respected –
    • compatibility of the dimension of the vehicles respect the visited points
    • max number of hours of activity
    • max stops per vehicle
    • … and many others
  • Costs calculations
  • Geo & Map functions
  • Vehicles tracking & alerting

Connection with others ACTOR products

OPT Runner can be combined with:

  • OPT Calendar, an optimization system to generate calendars of visits (e.g., recurrent visit to stores)
  • OPT Net, a logistics network simulation and optimization

Technology remarks

The product has been designed to maximize the computational performances reducing hardware costs when the complexity and the large quantities of data.

It can be used as SaaS (Software as a Service) or hosted and installed on the customer hardware and easily integrated with most company applications (ERP, WMS, etc.).

It includes a web-base and mobile user interface.


With partners in Europe, USA ACTOR offers a dedicated service at the worldwide level.

If you are a Consultant firm or a software integrator, you can submit for becoming a qualified ACTOR distributors.

Partnerships includes the possibility to resell ACTOR products or embed the DPO in your solutions.