The products in this suite enablean effective management of logistics, transportation and supply chain by dynamic simulation and math-optimization technologies.  Warehouse and distribution centers benefit by our OPT Warehouse tools set, including modules to simulate warehouses and complex distribution centers.  You can optimize the design of processes and facilities, or optimize the operations (slotting, picking, sorting, etc).  In case of intensive automations our HI-Swarm (set of tools enable higher productivities.  OPT Net combined with network simulation, is the solution to design and analyze supply chains.

To support the Transport Management our fleet routing and scheduling constitutes the backbone of an advanced Transport Management System.

The core products belonging to the WT&D suite are:

Warehouse, DC Supply Chan

OPT Slotting (OPTsl)

OPTheight (OPTh)

OPTstock (OPTst)

OPT Net(OPTn) (supply chain optimization & simulation)

DQC (Dynamic Quality Control)

HI Swarm (Handling by intelligent swarms – for automated handling processes)


OPT Runner (OPTr)

OPTcalendar (OPTc)

OPTvessel (OPTv)