Keywords, Promotion Analytics, Machinery Learning, Statistical Learning

Short Intro

Before!Promo, is a complete multi-paradigm analytical tool by ACT OR, developed for scaling enterprise companies. In the current competitive scenario the consumers pay high attention to the promotions, on the other hand promotions exposed retailers and vendors to higher risks in terms of image, in case of stock-out or costs in case of over-stock. When products are fresh-food or fast fashion for example, the risks become even higher.

Before!Promo supports decision-makers providing forecast capabilities, what-if and optimization features.

Before!Promo uses the most advanved predictive models including artifical intelligence tecniques.


Typical Users

Retailers, Hoteliers, Car Rental, CPG, Manufacturers, Chain Store, Consumer Products Good, and various other industries can easily adopt the product to fit their needs.


Features and Benefits

Before!Promo offers permits:

  • to isolate the trend and promotion uplift from regular sales
  • individuate the effects of overlapping promotions and cannibalization to gain advantage on revenues;
  • to optimize the quantity needed to cover the promotion controlling the financial risk;
  • to perform a “what-if” analysis;
  • to measure the impact of promotion on social media such as twitter or facebook.

Technology remarks

In terms of technology Before!Promo, has been designed to maximize the computational performances reducing hardware costs when the complexity and the large quantities of data.

Before!Promo can be used as SaaS or hosted installed on the customer hardware. Before!Promo can be easily integrated with most company applications (ERP, WMS, etc.) and with the other products of the ACTOR’s suite to support for example, Revenue Optimization, Inventory Optimization, Before!Predictive Analytics, etc.

If you are a software vendor you can embed Before!Promo in your solutions to become an ACTOR business partner.

With partners in Europe, USA and Saudi Arabia, ACTOR offers a dedicated service at the worldwide level.