Before! Sales Campaign

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Short Intro

In recent years increasing customer demand volatility has resulted  in a trend of a faster renewal of the commercial proposition.For example, in the fashion industries, within the season the assortment is frequently renewed.    This aspect has increased the risk to have over-stock at the end of a quarter period or a stock-out during the sales season. This issue exposes companies to important financial risk that must be controlled and avoided.

A sales campaign is defined as a period during which a certain product or group of products is supposed to be sold. A sales campaign could be characterized by multiple time-windows, like, for example, in the fashion industry: the pre-season, the regular sales period, the sale period.

Before! Sales Campaign software addresses the needs of industries where the products and the merchandise assortments, have a fast renewal  dynamics, even during the same season, like the case of fashion and  fast-fashion channels, electronics or several web-business.

Before! Sales Campaign used the most updated predictive alghoritm and artificial intelligence tecniques restulting from an intesive  and constant activities of the ACTOR's researchers team.

The goal of Before! Sales Campaign is to have the right quantity of product at the right location at the right time, supporting:

  • Procurement
  • Production Planning
  • Distribution
  • Price Optimization
  • Promotions and markdown

Before! Sales Campaign, is a specific module of Before! Predictive Analytics platform suite.

Typical Users

Fashion,  Electronics Industries,  Retailers, Consumer Products Good, Food and Beverage companies, Manufacturers, Distributors and wholesalers.

Features and Benefits

Before! Sales Campaign permits users ability:

  • to predict the quantity and the value of products sold in a certain period;
  • to manage forecast at different level of the supply chain network (whole network, region, distribution center, store (physical or web);
  • to manage forecasts at different level of the merchandise three
  • to optimize the quantity needed to cover the sales period controlling the financial risk;
  • to perform a what-if analysis;
  • to measure the impact of promotion on social media such as Twitter or Facebook.

Technology remarks

In terms of technology Before! Sales Campaign has been designed to maximize the computational performances reducing hardware costs when the complexity and the large quantities of data.

Before! Sales Campaign can be used as SaaS or hosted installed on the customer hardware. Before! Sales Campaign can be easily integrated with most company applications (ERP, WMS, etc.) and with the other products of the ACTOR’s suite to support for example, Revenue Optimization, Inventory Optimization, etc.

If you are a software vendor you can embed our products in your solutions becoming an ACTOR business partner.

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