OPT Replenishment

Keywords: Store Replenishment – Inventory Optimization – Stock optimization – Demand Forecast – Demand Management – Retail – Food – Beverage - Retail - Warehouse

Short Intro

OPT Replenishment is a modern, flexible and power solution to optimize the replenishment of inventory. OPT Replenishment , by prescriptive advanced analytics, is based on an accurate demand forecast that  generates the optimal order quantity avoiding over-stock and stock-out situations. OPT Replenishment is able to dynamically adapt the replenishment process to the demand conditions and variability in the Warehouse (OPT Replenishment! Distribution Center) and in the store (OPT Replenishment! Store).

OPT Replenishment! DC  for Warehouse, Distribution network

OPT Replenishment! DC can be used for single warehouses or distribution centers as well as permits to model and manage a distribution network composed by multiple distribution centers serving more warehouses, transit points and final customers.

Based on a sophisticated and detailed forecasts of the demand (by ACTOR’s predictive platform) OPT Replenishment! DC generates the optimal orders to correctly control the stock.

The optimization includes multiple modalities (objective functions) to fit different needs, from fresh food/beverage to any industrial spare-parts. The optimization considers supply conditions, supply calendars and by multiple parameters can be configured for any type of flows.

Predictive smart-alerts support the users to manage the process even in presence of important number of different products.

The main components of OPT Replenishment! DC are:

  • Demand Forecasting: Start from managing regular products, then arrive to manage the special offer and promotion
  • Replenishment Planning: Start from manage simple a single DC Model, then arrive to a multi-echelon Model
  • Purchase Optimization: Start from managing supplier discounts, then arrive to manage supplier forward price list and promotion.

Goal and restriction settings (Availability goal, cost information, order restrictions)

Automatic update of parameters (Safety stocks, forecast models, order batch size, order cycle)

Daily calculation of forecast (sku/store) and order proposal.

Order proposal acceptance, Exception management and follow-up.

OPT Replenishment!Store  for Store-Replenishments

Based on the forecast of the demand at the level of a single product and a single store, even in a multi-channel retail network, OPT Replenishment! Store by prescriptive advanced analytics, generates the optimal order quantity needed at the store.

The optimization includes multiple modalities (objective functions) to fit different needs, but generally speaking it permits users to govern the inventory level and the risks of stock-out and over-stock. Replenishments can also be triggered by calendars (eventually optimized by our OPT Calendar).

The flexibility of OPT Replenishment! Store permits users to manage different type of flows, from fresh food/beverages to electronics or  spare-parts.

Specific functions in this module permits clients to manage cases like those typical of restaurants, bars, including the management of sales (?) receipts and the simulation of the wastes (what type?).

OPT Replenishment! Store is directly connected to our powerful predictive platform (Before!Predictive Analytics) that is able to predict  the demand with the highest accuracy, at the store level considering the various influencing variables.

The product enable a smart collaboration between the store-operations and the distribution centers in order to make the whole process as more efficient as possible.

Typical Customers and Users

Retailers / Food Retailers / Electronic distributors

Food and Beverage distributors

(For Fashion see our product OPT Shipping).

Logistics operators

Dynamic assortment management is provided, which means the possibility of having different assortment clusters activated on different expected sales levels (for managing showcases, menus in restaurants, etc.).

Phase-in and out management of items from the assortment is also automated (predictions of new articles and their reordering are calculated automatically).


Dramatic reduction of over-stock and stock-out

Improvement of service level

Main Features

  • Forecast engine and accuracy supervisor
  • Regular and Basic Promo Forecast
  • Historical data Management and cleaning
  • Promotional Signals, Sales and Special Calendar Events, Indipendent Sales Driver
  • New Products, Products Replacement, Products Dismissing
  • Forecast Presentation
  • Network Management
  • Products, UOM and Currencies Management
  • Stock, Confirmed Order, Loads, Booked Sales and other flows management
  • Replenishment engine and supervisor
  • ABC Products Classifications Engine
  • Safety Stock Engine
  • Suppliers and supplier condition management
  • Supply Calendars and order cycle Optimization Engine
  • New Products, Products Replacement, Products Dismission
  • Purchase and Speculation optimization engine
  • Special Proposal Management
  • Order Proposal Consolidation
  • Multi-echelon Stock and Proposal
  • Replenishment presentation and management
  • Specific functionalities for fresh-food
  • Specific functionalities for sales receipts
  • Specific functionalities for assembled & combined products
  • Specific functionalities for spare-parts
  • Web & Mobile user-interface

Connection with others ACT OR products

OPT Replenishment can be used combined with:

Before! Predictive Analytics to predict the demand

Before! Promo and OPT Buying to predict and manage the demand and the inventory under promotions

Technology remarks

The product has been designed to maximize the computational performances reducing hardware costs when the complexity and the large quantities of data.

It can be used as SaaS or hosted installed on the customer hardware and easily integrated with most company applications (ERP, WMS, etc.)

If you are a software vendor you can embed OPT Replenishment in your solutions to become an ACTOR business partner.

With partners in Europe, USA and Saudi Arabia, ACTOR offers a dedicated service at the worldwide level.