Before! Predictive Analytics

Before! Predictive Analytics

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Short Intro

Before!Predictive Analytics or simply Before!, is a complete multi-paradigm demand forecasting platform by ACTOR, developed for scaling enterprise companies. Over 20 years of R&D activities from ACTOR engineers have been injected into Before!, allowing our customers to combine advanced forecast techniques, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), with the most advanced statistics methods.  High performance Machine Learning techniques, such as Neural Network or Support Vector Machine, used in Before!, are the results of our constant research activity – that are incorporated into the Before! technology.

Before! provides you the capability to forecast the demand while gaining control of the related organization processes such as; planning, procurement, inventory optimization, store replenishments, etc..

Typical Users

Retailers, Hoteliers, Food & Beverage, Car Rental, CPG, Manufacturers, Logistics companies, Oil & Gas, Energy, Airports, and various other industries can easily adopt the product to fit their strategic and tactical forecasting processes.

Before! Predictive Analytics

Features and Benefits

Our technology is able to automatically detect the best modeling techniques for each series according to the available data and keep the model automatically updated in order to maximize the accuracy of the forecast. A dedicated algorithm monitors the performances and generates alerts to support the users.

Cross-functional or multi-dimensional forecast of the historical demand for an individual product or families of products can be combined along with additional influencing variable like macro- and micro-economic variables, weather conditions, prices and promotions to deliver the most accurate possible forecast.

Filtering and disaggregation occurs by product (SKU), customer, seasonality and market area. Before!, cuts the analytical complexity to users and the costs due to the low model maintenance.

Finally our research experience in the field of the decision support system and simulation enriches the traditional forecasting techniques with a set of functionalities ranging from the “what-if” analysis to the generation of alerts, for specific KPIs, to the production and/or planning managers. Custom output reports are created using client terminology, key KPIs and highlighting any variables or data necessary for management to make informed decisions, to assist in financial profit optimizations.

Technology remarks

In terms of technology Before!, has been designed to maximize the computational performances reducing hardware costs when the complexity and the large quantities of data are an important factor like, for example, in the case of Retailers (100ks of SKUs). Already mention this above paragraph.

Before! can be used as Software as a Service application (SaaS) or hosted installed on the customer hardware. Before! can be easily integrated with most company applications (ERP, WMS, TMS, etc.) and with the other products of the ACTOR’s suite to support for example, Revenue Optimization, Inventory Optimization, Promotions Management etc.


If you are a software vendor you can embed Before!Promo in your solutions to become an ACTOR business partner.

With partners in Europe, USA and Saudi Arabia, ACTOR offers a dedicated service at the worldwide level.