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OPT Net: reduce strategic error! Design and simulate multilevel distribution networks.
OPT Net - Multi-level distribution network optimization and simulation
With OptNet you are empowered to:

Optimize and simulate your supply chain network to reposition your warehouses

Build optimal matches of demand requests and supply sources

Execute post-M&A logistics plans while reshuffling your resources

One of the most advanced multi-level distribution network optimization and simulation system, OPT Net finds the best geographic location for logistics resources (i.e., factories, warehouses, point of sales) while combining demand requests with supply sources.

With well-designed distribution networks, ACT Operations Research top performing customers save multi-million euros: it's why OPT Net goes over a static design weighing the evolving scenario of risks and opportunities while looking, in the other side, at the service levels.


Usage model
Fuelled by data, OPT Net weaves on network structures including resources' flows, their capacity, needs and constraints, building scenario of combined resources within a geographical area (e.g., stores/warehouses, warehouses/factories).

When it comes to keep transportation and handling costs at a bay or to lift productivity and stores' receptivity, ambitious companies turn to optimized supply chains. With OPT Net, ACT Operations Research customers optimize and simulate their supply chains spotting the best locations for warehouses or the perfect match to couple sources of demand/supply. This comes after an accurate cost-to-serve analysis performed along the whole supply chain where volatility and risks can also be simulated with ARENA or SIMIO simulations systems. ACT Operations Research OPT Net has been serving the needs of M&As post-transaction deals when the execution of the business plan requires a reshuffle of logistics i.e., branches merging and closures. The flexibility of OPT Net application is demonstrated also by its adoption from door-to-door sales teams while hunting new leads as well as from commands that are patroling different zones.


Main functionalities


  • savings from operational costs
  • higher returns on investments
  • less inventory
  • faster procurement
  • max resources' deployment
  • combination of weighted goals.


  • manufacturing and factory scale
  • warehouses scale
  • handling systems scope
  • fleet vehicles transportation capacity
  • workforce skills
  • matching services delivery with resources' skills/compatibility
  • preferences on resource assignment.


  • geo-reference automated functionalities
  • results/solutions preview through maps
  • risks factors are considered.

Main features and add-on components

  • Integration with simulation systems to weigh in stochastic variables


Vertical markets

  • supply chain and logistics (e.g. container transportation)


ACT Operations Research technology integration and scalability

  • developed through Java technology
  • integrates with any SQL database compliant
  • integrates with ERP, TMS, WMS
  • a very powerful engine designed for parallel calculus
  • scalable for a number of CPUs.

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